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I am a studio potter based in Nashville, TN. My work is thrown or hand built using a regionally sourced clay fired to cone 11 in a gas reduction kiln. Inspired by my interests in cooking, cuisine and gardening I create simple every day wares with warm organic surfaces to invite foods and flowers. I  locally source clay for making slips and incorporate wood ash from my fire place for my glazes. It is my hope to enhance a joyful conversation between maker and user, vessel and food. 


Caroline was born in Germany where she completed university with an MA in Japanese studies. Her thesis about the Japanese folk craft movement prompted her interest in ceramics and desire to become a potter. She studied ceramics at the Penland School of Crafts with her mentors McKenzie Smith, Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin in 1999 and 2001. 


Caroline has been an independent studio potter for the last 20 years. She lived and worked in Charleston as a part owner of cone10studios managing and curating its gallery. After 10 years she moved with her husband and daughter to Nashville where she is an active member in the clay, school and food community. Within the last 8 years her work has included making small batch artisan tableware for nationally acclaimed restaurants as well as establishing a clay program for the Abintra Montessori School (grade 1-8). 



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