Fri, Apr 30
Northern Clay Center
Inspiration and Discovery
Retrospective of Rock Creek Pottery, their influences and potters influenced by them.
Wed, Jul 01
Valley View Ranch Road
Building a Clay Horse
Cancelled due to Covid-19. Handbuilding with Clay for Horse Lovers. 2-week Summer Camp Residency.
Fri, May 01
1416 Lebanon Pike
The Table: Drinking Vessels
Workshop, ClayLady Studios. Cancelled due to Covid-19.
Wed, Apr 01
1416 Lebanon Pike
The Table: Plates and Bowls
Cancelled due to Covid-19. ClayLady Studios
Fri, Dec 13
1702 Linden Ave
Holiday Sale
Sat, Oct 05
64 Biltmore Ave
To Have and To Hold
Sat, Sep 07
4150 Old Hillsboro Rd
New Tableware for 1892
Restaurant 1892

1416 Lebanon Pike
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